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Installing Mac OSX from USB on Power MAC G5

My DVD drive was broken on old Power MAC G5.

Im not interested in finding replacement because it’s anyway obsolete but i need to install Mac OSX.

Lucky G5 have Open Firmware that allow booting up straight from USB flash drive and take install painlessly!

First You need to create RAW image of  Your Mac OSX DVD into file.

Than using for example DD on linux put it straight to USB flash-drive.

There many tutorials about that topic.


I have Microsoft keyboard while starting up Your mac press and hold four keys at once:

Windows key + alt + o + f

until You get a gray screen with letters “Welcome to Open Firmware” and command prompt.


boot ud:3,\\:tbxi

and press enter

after while You will get standard installer just like on DVD.

ud:3 is device id, to not confuse Yourself remove all USB storage devices except that one You want boot from.


Here is mine video in real live:

SignaLink – cheap alternative for poor PTT / AUDIO via USB

This was a prototype, i’m not proud of it but it was cheap and working.


Resetting toner level on laser printr OKI C3300 using little FUSE (pico fuse)

You can use pico fuse for reset toner level after refilling. (connect fuse, it will be burn after powering up printer and give signal to reset toner level)

After you can change in firmware status of printer for “factory” then toner status won’t be going down (in case You refill it on daily basis and don’t need any notifications)

TRI PRC 152 inside pictures and compare real army microphone connector

Couple pictures of tear down TRI PRC 152 and check if possible to replace audio accessory connector with real one.

re-celling Clansman 24V (PRC 320 and similar) battery and installing new eneloop cells

Video of re-celling process


This is newer plastic one (i do not recommend for re-celling)