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Continue of Fixing PHILIPS HF3451 Wake-up Light clock backup battery (capacitor)

Finally i got replacement backup capacitor.

After soldering new cap and testing problem was solved,  clock can be unplugged and after powering back time is still counting.

Fixing PHILIPS HF3451 Wake-up Light clock backup battery (capacitor)

From some time, my great Philips Wake-up Light start suffering from resetting clock time after short power loss.  I remember that some time ago, when unplugged in power loss occurred after power back clock time was continued. It clear indicate problem with backup battery. I decide to open and investigate.

Inside i found not a single use backup battery but capacitor. Over time it’s lost capacity.

I do not have spare so decided to order new one from bay.




re-celling Clansman 24V (PRC 320 and similar) battery and installing new eneloop cells

Video of re-celling process


This is newer plastic one (i do not recommend for re-celling)

HYT BL1719 (HYT TC 446S tear down battery to see inside

I tear down HYT BL1719 to check if possible re-cell.

Swollen battery in F25 Android PTT (for Zello) phone



Diference between REAL and REPLICA U-229 connector on TRI PRC 152 radio

Here You can see deference between REAL and REPLICA connector U-229  (it’s not exactly U-229, because U-229 is female)  on TRI PRC 152 radio.

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