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3d printer – real case of use on Dell Optiplex 760

Recently i got Dell Optiplex 760 as computer for driving my 3d printer and web browsing while working on my projects.

This is very good computer dedicated for office use, many things could be replaced without use any tools, just by pulling right lever You can for example extract 3.5″ HDD drive without need of using screwdriver, same thing goes to DVD-ROM.

There is also a FDD drive, with today i call obsolete (i still have couple 3.5″ floppy drives around but with USB port, in case i need read – write FDD i can) but having it hard mount on computer it’s not necessary.

I want mount old SSD drive, 2.5″ in place of floppy disc drive, but because it was using latches and special bracket i will left in option throwing it inside without securing in place…. but? i found answer… we have 3d printer.

Before designing anything myself i always check Thingverse to make sure i won’t reinvent wheel second time… and… i get everything i need!
Special adapter that convert 2.5″ SSD for caddy that will swap in place of FDD and also COVER in exactly right size to fill hole after FDD.
I send picture to friend, and he realize that i 3d printed it after i told him to look for it.

Here are pictures of ready print before and after install:

Here You can download STL files for print:


FDD cover:

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