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Radio Tone RT5 Android Zello PTT mobile radio – quick look at car network radio

Quick testing of RadioTone RT5 Zello PTT mobile radio (it’s dedicated to use in car but in mine application will be a base station).
First impression is good, very loud and clear audio , remind me very much DMR Motorola DM4600 especial round mic connector plug… and i like it 🙂
Keep in mind this is not a DMR radio, just android smartphone.

Vintage Psion Series 5 Palmtop Handheld Computer PDA with Epoc OS

Video and Pictures 🙂


20.05.2018 SSTV pictures recevied on 11m 27.700Mhz

I decide to check if there is activity 11m (27.700Mhz) – and Yes, in couple of minutes i received following pictures and decoded using android phone.


why visual inspection is important – fixing current limiting – Simple soft start for high power mains device before it fail

Here is simple example why it is important to do visual inspection on Your electronic applications.

In this case i was able to spot leaking capacitor before it failed and create more expensive failure.


Guess why it failed… maybe it’s because they use 35V and silk screen stated 50V?

Of course i will go for 50V… higher the better.

Another example why not trust in Chinese stuff 😉

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