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SSTV images for testing radios / software and compare quality

SSTV is a form of encoding allowing You to transmit pictures over virtually any transmission medium that allow uncompressed human speech – starting from phone ending on  SSB radios. It’s similar to  “fax”  that was used over landline.


For testing i decided to record couple of SSTV sample audio files using different encoding to compare quality.

The slower (longer time) works better on noisy frequency like SSB.

Quicker one working perfect over AM/ FM.

Here are files for testing, You can decode them from “speaker” using Android smartphone and application called “Robot32” <- don’t let name mislead You, it decode all modes used here!


Teardown of failed PoE adapter UBIQUITI UBI-POE-24-5

Here is example of unfixable PoE adapter.

It looks like capacitor leaked.

SignaLink – cheap alternative for poor PTT / AUDIO via USB

This was a prototype, i’m not proud of it but it was cheap and working.


What’s inside ABBREE 47cm SMA-Female Dual Band VHF UHF 144/430Mhz Foldable CS Tactical Antenna For Walkie Talkie Baofeng

Teardown to see what’s inside:

Teardown of RT4 Radio Tone battery 4600mAh for Zello PTT smartphone

This is good real capacity battery.


What’s inside SignaLink USB Interface – Tigertronics

When i was making jumper connectors to set up SignaLink i decide to take couple pictures and show You what’s inside.

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