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MODEM SIERRA WIRELESS COMPASS 889 USB – DRIVERS & SOFTWARE (tested – working on Win 10 x64)

This device is quite obsolete and I have lot trouble finding correct working drivers. (on Win 10 drivers need to be installed from device manager – navigating to program files newly created directory.

Mac OSX – Laravel with Valet keep using wrong PHP version (8) instead of 7.4

Recently I have interesting problem with Valet using wrong PHP version on my Laravel application, trying to switch it from terminal not fix issue and stating it’s already done even including force relink.

valet use php@7.4 –force
Unlinking current version: php@7.4
Linking new version: php@7.4
Updating PHP configuration…
Restarting php@7.4…
Restarting nginx…
Valet is now using php@7.4.

Solution for this problem was using following command

rm ~/.config/valet/valet.sock

valet use php@7.4 –force

After that Valet use correct PHP version in my application.

[Laravel 8 / Horizon] – After publishing horizon assets /horizon dashboard show white or empty page without any errors

Solution – regenerate view cache (clear existing one):

php artisan view:clear

Codan HF Modem Control Software (chat and send binary data) – 9102 V 4.20

Codan HF Modem Control Software (for chat and send binary data) – 9102 V 4.20

Motorola TRBOnet TextMessenger v1.0 – download

Here is Motorola TRBOnet TextMessenger v1.0 since Motorola removed old MotoTrbo page (it was available to free download) I upload it here.

Mac – Brew Cleanup – Error: Directory not empty @ dir_s_rmdir – /usr/local/Cellar/nginx/1.19.6

Recently running brew cleanup lead to following message

Error: Directory not empty @ dir_s_rmdir – /usr/local/Cellar/nginx/1.19.6

To resolve following issue i executed following command

sudo rm -R /usr/local/Cellar/nginx/1.19.6

Afterwards brew cleanup work and do it’s job.

Fixing dumpster dived HP ML350 G5 – no video – fans full speed

Cause of problem was in bulged (leaked) electrolyte capacitors.

After replacement – server works like champ – good score – planning to use on proxmox.

How connect Shure WL185 (WL194) TA4F to Sony UTX-B1 (3.5mm locking)

Recently I bought Sony UTX-B1 transmitter (bodypack) and I want use it with Shure WL185 Lavalier microphone.

Shure WL185 is ended up with TA4F plug and Sony UTX-B1 is using 3.5mm locking jack connector.

On eBay You can find adapters (quite expensive) that accept TA4F and give 3.5mm locking jack but they are expensive, this make sense if You need to switch between Shure bodypack or different brand – but in my case I’m going use it only on Sony so for my use best answer is just change plug.

WL185 is electrically compatible with Sony UTX-B1 and it’s only matter of replacement connector.

Here is color wiring:

T – Black

R – Red

S – Shield 

T- Tip

R- Ring

S – Sleeve

YouTube Google Takeout – how extract 001.tgz 002.tgz 003.tgz parts?

Recently (human error) lead to massive data loss on my side. I’m in process of rebuilding my archive. Youtube offer ability to download all uploaded videos to channel by using “Google Takeout”.

In my case it was result of multiple archives split-ed by tar gz.

I was looking for way of extracting them all at once but I was unable to do so – only first archive was extracted in compare to archive created by win-rar – You need only extract first part – rest are automatically recognised and used one-by-one.

Here is what I ended up with on my NAS server:

Solution was in SSH to nas server and executing command:

for file in *.tgz; do tar -zxf "$file"; done

Result of this code is single folder containing merged data from all parts.