GARMIN GPS 95 XL – replace backup memory battery BR2032

Originally it have BR2032 battery with spot welded tabs – it’s quite hard to get in normal price so i have use “glue wire” to stick tabs onto battery.

Do not use soldering iron – because heat will damage battery.

If You don’t have spot welder – glue wire – is great for low current application – like in this scenario!

One thought on “GARMIN GPS 95 XL – replace backup memory battery BR2032

  1. Kay J. Eckardt says:

    At 78 years of age, I would rather send the Garmin 95 for someone better than me to replace the battery. I am willing to pay for the service,freight, etc.
    Anyway, the internal battery died in the unit and I would like nothing more than still be able to use it. Garmin 95XL.

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