How connect Shure WL185 (WL194) TA4F to Sony UTX-B1 (3.5mm locking)

Recently I bought Sony UTX-B1 transmitter (bodypack) and I want use it with Shure WL185 Lavalier microphone.

Shure WL185 is ended up with TA4F plug and Sony UTX-B1 is using 3.5mm locking jack connector.

On eBay You can find adapters (quite expensive) that accept TA4F and give 3.5mm locking jack but they are expensive, this make sense if You need to switch between Shure bodypack or different brand – but in my case I’m going use it only on Sony so for my use best answer is just change plug.

WL185 is electrically compatible with Sony UTX-B1 and it’s only matter of replacement connector.

Here is color wiring:

T – Black

R – Red

S – Shield 

T- Tip

R- Ring

S – Sleeve

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