Why don’t buy cheap china PSU? (PSP-2000) 2A 5V AC Adaptor

Today i got electronic device described as “not working”.

Device got attached to not original PSU made in China  (PSP-2000) 2A 5V AC Adaptor.

I do quick voltage measurement and everything looks well. I check plug, same size as original so why it’s not working?

After quick observation i notice that device light glow very very very little, that’s give me a reason to suspect failed PSU.

PSU was very lightweight! Even switching PSU can’t be so lightweight at 2A.

When i cut off plug i notice very thin cables… they won’t carry 2A without major loss.

I break case and got into PSU… that’s what i found…

2A… ha ha ha at SHORT it’s product less than 600mA…

After using other brand PSU device start working well and i got pictures for first entry.

I often but china electronics, but remember “You got what You pay for” .

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